Third-party liability car insurance (green card) valid in Northwest Russia.

Green-card as car insurance

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Third-party liability car insurance

Since 2003, every car driving in the Russian Federation must have an insurance policy covering third-party liability, which covers you if somebody makes a claim for vehicle damage, personal injuries or legal costs against you. Russia joined the "International Car Insurance System" in the beginning of 2009, which means that most of the European "Green-card" insurances are also valid in the Russia Federation.

Some European car insurance policies do not cover Russia and for this you should always check the green card before you travel to see if Russia is listed and not crossed out. In case you have not automatically received a green card from the insurance company, you can contact them first.

If Russia is not covered, you can order Russian insurance from us. We will send you a form that you can complete and return with details from the owner, driver and the car itself. Thereafter we inform you about the costs of the insurance, as it depends on the power of the car and the driver's driving experience. After your approval, we take out the insurance that you receive by email.

Fully Comprehensive insurances, which also protects you against any damage caused to your own car in an accident, or in instances of fire or theft are unfortunately too expensive in Russia.

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