Visa Support: Single- or double-entry invitations and stamped itineraries.

Visa support

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Single- or double-entry invitation for visa request

As a registered tour operator we can provide you with invitations for requesting a single- or double-entry tourist visa for maximal 30 days. A double-entry visa can be useful if you are travelling via the Baltic States or Poland and want to visit Kaliningrad region too. For the visa invitation we need to know your passport data, dates of arrival and departure of the Russian territory and some places on the route where you plan to stay, because the route is mentioned on the invitation.

Stamped program itinerary for visa request

If your stay is longer than 14 days the Russian consulate also demands a stamped program itinerary. Please check the requirements for requesting a visa at the official website of the Russian consulate in your country. We can take care about a stamped program itinerary if you order one of our services like an off-road expedition and/or our Standby and Support Service.

If you need a longer period than 30 days or more than 2 entries or want to be more flexible in arriving and departing Russia then we advise you to request a business visa, but unfortunately we cannot provide with this for tourist purposes. After receiving your Russian visa you are free to travel. In fact you can cross any border, the only what counts are the arrival and departure dates mentioned in your visa.

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